Best Monitor Size For 4k Gaming (Updated)

It has been often advertised that bigger is better, but is it so with gaming monitors? Does it need to be really big or should better be kept optimal? And that is quite easy to answer, and in simple words, you should always pick a monitor that doesn’t punch you in the face, and neither you should have to rotate your head all the way from left to right in a fast-paced competitive match. It also shouldn’t be too small to not be able to render even 1080p, while the optimal choice for the monitor should at least hit 1440p, but if it can go up to 4k without getting bigger, then why not. 

In this quick guide, we will help you pick the optimal size for a gaming monitor while keeping every aspect of visual power and performance in mind. It consists of a lot more than just the size in inches, the screen resolution/monitor size ratio and pixel density along with affordability are all equally important factors in deciding which monitor size might be the best choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Best Monitor Size For 4k Gaming

We will be looking at the major screen sizes for gaming monitors available in the market so we can supply you in-depth consumer review and let you distinguish the experience.

24-25 Inch Gaming Monitor

The first category of the list is 24-25 Inch, gaming monitors. One of the most recommended choices, which not only provides great performance but also at an affordable price. No monitor below the 24-25 is deemed suitable for the up and coming video games or the ones already in the market.

The viewing distance, no matter how close, is always convenient on this one. It does qualify for the least optimal resolution of HD 1920×1080, and also provides an excellent size ratio, that is quite common for most of the previous video game titles.

There are also a few variations of 24-25 inch monitors available on the market that can easily hit 1440p, which will surely enhance visual quality, but at the expense of a slightly higher price tag and to be fair, you might not feel the difference as such. The Refresh rate, however, goes right up to 240Hz, and that is as responsive as gaming monitors get.

For productivity, on 1440p, this monitor can provide a superb visual detail, but it doesn’t give as much space as one might require for most of the projects. For gaming, the responsiveness, the visual quality, and the optimal and easy to glance-around at screen size is a clever choice and this is exactly why it is on our top three choices for gaming monitor sizes.

27 Inch Gaming Monitor

Next up, is the unbeatable and most highly recommended gaming monitor, with a size of 27 Inch. It qualifies as the best by competitively fulfilling all the needs required for an efficient gaming monitor.

The 27-inch gaming monitor usually offers a high-resolution display at 2560×1440, which maintains quality and performance, rather than just performance on a 1080p or quality on 4k. These monitors also offer 4k resolution in some of its latest variants and can efficiently adapt the visual definition of 4k, but it would be wise to keep it at 1440p for the best performance and quality. 

The size of a 27-inch gaming monitor is the most convenient largest size, anything bigger than that can be a bit hard to keep track of, if you are a regular competitive online player, you probably can figure out what that means. The response time of the latest 27 Inch gaming monitors is worth spending every buck on, though it can be a bit less compared to 24-25 Inch recommendation, as the refresh rate can only go up to 165Hz.

The extra space for productivity on the 27-inch monitor is also an extra benefit, you can easily manage your massive timelines with more ease than on a 24-25 inch. The 27 inch is our ideal choice for the best monitor size for 4k gaming.

34 Inch+ Gaming Monitor

If you really want to go big and pick up something wide and huge, then skip all the way to a 34+ Inch plus. There is no need to go through anything below or far above it, just in case, because a 34+ inch can be a great choice for the gaming enthusiasts that are infatuated with a beastly large and widescreen that can totally stand up for being the most excellent looking gaming monitor that you can get for gaming and maximum productivity.

The 34 Inch+ gaming monitors can easily achieve a 4k resolution but the ideal choice of resolution on this beast is 3440×1440. The visual quality of the 34+ Inch can be fascinatingly breathtaking, as it renders the individual pixels with great efficiency.

However, it is not as responsive as the previous two choices, but it doesn’t fall too short, standing at 160Hz, the 34+ Inch covers the space in other factors. The ultra-wide screen size ratio is one of the most appealing features of a 34+ Inch gaming monitor and can exhibit the next-gen visuals exactly as they are supposed to be seen. 

It might not be better in competitive gaming performance than the other two choices, but it sure exceeds productivity by providing a massively large and extra space for even the messiest timelines and can make things extremely easy for most users. 


According to our score, the 27 Inch is the best monitor size for 4k gaming, followed by the 24-25 Inch and then by the massively wide 34+ inch. Our scores are based on the monitor’s efficiency in competitive online and offline video gaming, which all of these monitors fulfills in their own ways, while the 24-25 Inch heavily fortified fast, responsive, and more controllable visuals, the 34+ Inch lacks shortly in speed but makes up for it with great visual quality and screen size ratio, but both of these are topped by the 27 Inch which maintains a healthy balance and stands out as the optimal choice.

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